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Top 3 VIPARSPECTRA 600w LED for Cannabis on Amazon.

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 600W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain,Veg and  Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg  and Flower: Patio, Lawn & Garden

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 600W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower: Patio, Lawn & GardenWhen you’re looking to maximize your cannabis harvest, it’s only prudent enough to go the tech way. Thanks to VIPARSPECTRA, you can get the most out of indoor cannabis growth.

You may wonder which LED you should choose from the many options that online vendors have to offer.

Here is a VIPARSPECTRA review of the three best 600w LEDs for Cannabis on Amazon. Let’s walk through each one of them.


If you’re looking for a grower’s tent that gives full-spectrum lighting in all cannabis growth stages, then you should check out this dimmable 600W LED kit. It is fitted with an adjustable dimmer knob to adjust the tent’s light between 0 (min) to 100% (max), which is necessary for optimum growth performance.

Also, it has a Daisy Chain feature, which helps the farmer to put several lights together while maintaining a few outlets. Each package comes with a power cable that serves both as a power plug and a daisy chain cable. And the good thing about this is you don’t need any extra cables to connect between the multiple units. Only be careful to make sure that the total wattage is not more than 600W.

The VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable 600W LED growers’ tent is made of strong and durable fabric fitted with heavy-duty zip-lines to protect your cannabis herbs as they grow. It also has firm vents and a meshed ducting window to prevent dust and pests from invading your crop. The tent’s framework is made of poles and metallic connectors that are easy to mount.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control TC600 600W LED Growers tent

This hydroponic grow tent uses the timer-controlled TC600 light that is ergonomically tailored to maintain a balance between the PAR output and your cannabis coverage.

The automatic timer control system helps you to manipulate the light hours during the entire cannabis growth stages. You can use the dimmable function to change the brightness mode from VEG to BLOOM alternatingly.

The kit is similar to the traditional 400W HPS/MH kit but beats it in consumption as it only uses 260W. It’s the best option for the 3×3′ vegetative coverage when your plant is about 28′ tall and for the the2.5×2.5′ flowering stage at 20″.

The VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control TC600 grow tent has a firm double-stitched fabric and strong zippers to keep your cannabis throughout the growing period. The framework is firm and made of metallic connectors and poles that are easy to join.


Light from this VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W 12-Band LED is made to balance the lumen output and plant coverage. Using this device guarantees success thanks to the full spectrum lighting that gives your cannabis plants VEG and flowering at all growth stages. It is a perfect alternative to natural sunlight.

The LED lighting consumes 274W only! It is a perfect option for a 3×3′ vegetative cannabis coverage at height 34″ and 2.5×2.5″ flowering coverage at height 26″.

It is fitted with fans on the front and aluminum cooler sinks to help dissipate heat easily. Each purchase comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-days cash back guarantee.

Wrap up

When you’re an indoors cannabis farmer, there’s no better way to leverage maximum output than using VIPARSPECTRA 600W lighting kits. Be sure to try out any of these kits, and you’re bound for bumper yields.

What to avoid when buying a tortoise enclosure?

It is never excessive to learn about what tortoises do not need and how you can best provide what they need. One of the biggest problems with housing tortoise indoor is offer a home as similar to what they have in natural enviroment as possible.

If you keep your tortoise in a enclosure that is not optimal for them, it can be bad for their overall health and you can end up with an unhealthy animal. Here are some important things to avoid when choosing or seting up the best tortoise enclosure.

#1 Avoid Aquariums

Any glass tank is not suitable to house tortoise. This is because the glass tanks are lack of ventilation, which is very important for the health of the tortoise. It is also not an easy task to create a temperature gradien inside the glass tank, which allow turtoise can regulate their own body temperature as they want.

Not only that, tortoises seem to prefer non-transparent enclosures. They are vulnerable with glass-sided tanks as tortoises don’t understand the concept of glass and they will try and spend a lot of timeto walk through it. This is why aquarium enclosures can actually stress tortoises out.

#2 Limit floor space

It is almost excessive to consider how tall the sides of the enclosure are since the enclosure just need to tall enough to ensure tortoise cannot be able to escape. Instead, it is important to provide an enclosure with plenty of floor space. Tortoise like to wander over very large areas.

The vivarium you end up buying should be sizeable enough for your pets to move around in it.

As a basic rule, a youger tortoise should be kept in 4ft x 8ft enclosure. And if you have an adult pair of tortoises, you are recommeded to give them 10ft x 20ft enclosure.

#3 Avoid direct sunlight

Do not place turtoise enclosure under direct sunlight as this could overheat the enclosure or create massive temperature fluctuations. Instead, the enclosure should be located in a partially shaded area. It is important to keep the enclosure where the temperature will be steady all day long.

Why doesn’t my gerbils run on their wheel?

Gerbils are quite active pets, they love running around and need plenty of space to do this. This is why many gerbil owners prefer to provide the best gerbil wheel in their enclosure. Gerbils need wheels to stay active and healthy.

However, not all gerbils will use a wheel. If your gerbil does not use wheel, there are several reasons for this. Some of these issues can be fixed, while some can’t.

#1 The while may not be suited for gerbil

A wheel should be at least 20 cm (8″) in diameter. There is the case that you provide a hamster wheel for gerbils, because hamsters are smaller than gerbils. The wheel should allow your gerbils to run in a comfortable angle with a straight back. If the wheel is very large they will obviously not run on it because they may be too hard.

Besides, ensure that there are no any big gaps between the slats of the wheel.  The big gaps can catch gerbil’s toes, paws, or tail. Solid wheels which don’t have gaps in the wheel are always better.

#2 Your gerbil may be using it

You may not notice that your gerbils used their wheel when you are not around to hear. This is because gerbils are both nocturnal and diurnal, they become active at night and maybe in the day as well. Your gerbil may just be running on his wheel when you’re not there and you may be sleeping through the noise.

#3 Your gerbils do not like wheels

It can be the case that your gerbils do not like the wheels and it’s just their character. In this case, you will need to look for the other form of exercise for your gerbils as an obese gerbil is never healthy. These gerbils need an alternative method of getting exercise.

Exercise ball is great for exercise, your gerbil can sit in and roll around outside their cage.

#4 Your gerbils are too young

Younger gerbis can be scared of trying something new in their cage and they also tend to be lazy when they are young. If you get a under 6 weeks old gerbil, then he wouldn’t be old enough to run on the wheel yet. Your gerbil will probably just take a little while getting used to his wheel, give him more time.

How much UVB bulb watt is needed in chameleon cage?

Before purchasing a best UVB bulb for chameleons, you must first think about the tight amount of wattage of UVB bulb for chameleons. There are some factosr that will affect wattage of bulb that you’ll need for your pet are the size of the cage, your bulb location, the room temperature, etc.

Unlike iguanas or bearded dragons, who live in the forest and desert, chameleons need moderate amounts of UVB. This is why you need to know the right wattage and the bulb that is needed for your setup.

#1 Cage Size

The size of the cage is an important factor when choosing the UVB bulb. Generally speaking, the larger the cage, the more UVB bulb wattage you will need to cover more ground space. I would like to recommend the bulb with 100 watts and above for large cages and terrarium. With any under 100 watts bulbs are for small to medium size cage and terrarium.

However, this is just a basic guide line. Most manufacturers will show you the wattage of the bulb and the size of the cage it can be used for in the packet of the UVB bulb. It more correctly and important to follow their recommendation or you can risk getting your chameleon overheat.

#2 UVB Rating

Many bulbs are rated for the percentage of overall radiation that is emitted in the UVB range. UVB. 2.0 bulbs are designed for reptiles that receive little amount of UVB, who live in the lower layers of thick forests like Iguanas. 10.0 bulbs are designed for animals that receive high levels and need to basking under the heat bulb all the day such as Beareded dragons.

Chameleons prefer to receive moderate amounts of sunlight and 5.0 uvb bulb are seem to idea for them. Either a 5.0 or 10.0 can be used for chameleons but a 2.0 is not enough. It is important to read the packaging carefully before buying.

#3 Location of the UVB bulb

The location where the UVB bulb will be placed in the chameleon’s cage is also important as if you get the right wattage and UVB rating but you place the bulb further from your pets, they cannot receive enough UVB lights daily.

On top of the cage is usually the best location to mount the UVB lamp. And never mounting the bulb further from your pet about more than 12 inches

What are additional features should come with bbq smoker combo?

Type of cooker, size, build quality are not only what you have to consider when choosing BBQ smoker combo. Although not essential to cooking food or smoking meal, the best bbq smoker combo have some handy accessories or extra features that can make the cooking process easier and help you get better result.

You can have a fun experience of smoking and grilling outdoor with your friends and family, and any help will only improve the quality of food you serve.

#1 Thermometers

Smoking requires temperatures between 68 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, Barbecuing happens at temperatures between 190 and 300 degrees. When cooking ow and slow, temperature like this, control temperature is one of the most important aspects. it’s essential for the cooking chamber to maintain the correct temperature throughout.

To make sure that you’re achieving that, you need thermometers and probes built into the hoods or electrics, which help you maintain a more precise temperature. The bbq smokers that has a built-in temperature gauge will show current temperature reading on the front of them, so that allowing you can stay apprised of the heat level with just a glance.

#2 Thermostats

Thermostats is what built into many wood pellet combos, which will help control and adjust the temperature in the safe level that you’ve set. That means the smoker can be as accurate as your indoor oven. Some modern unit can even be controlled wirelessly by an app on your smart device.

#3 Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity feature is the latest tech features that may very useful to you. You are able to control your grill though your smart phone is a cool trick especially if you live in a cold climate area. Some people couldn’t care less, and want to do everything manually. There’s no right or wrong answer, it just comes down to your personal preference.

#4 Price

These modern features are often come with pellet smoker combo. You can decide to try these unique features or not and this is the largest determiner of price. There are even some other extra features such as Advanced systems of dampers and chimneys, Side burners, Rotisserie attachments, Ash catchers, etc.

If you want to get the model that have most of extra feature, you may have to pay up to $500 for this. Extra features will come at a premium, and will often make the smoker much more convenient to use.

BC Seed Bank Canada Review ( The best and powerful strains of cannabis

You are looking forward to consuming some good canadian seed bank to give you a feeling of exhilaration and thrill. You want to get an idea about different strains of marijuana which will be able to fulfil your needs. You can look for marijuana with varying strength and flavours in BC Seed Bank Canada. The company is known to provide some of the best and powerful strains of cannabis having high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level. It provides stealth delivery and can ship anywhere across the world. This article will give you a wholesome BC Seed Bank Canada review.


BC Seed Bank has been pioneering the development of various strains of marijuana even before the advent of social media and e-commerce sites. It is one of the most sought-after organizations among various Canadian seed banks. The seed bank was started by Mr BC Seeds who has an experience of breeding marijuana since 1974. Thanks to this revolutionary cannabis breeder, North America saw one of its 1st seedbanks on its shores.

BC Seed Bank Canada had risen to fame when it introduced to the world the trongest Strains on Earth’ in the year 2008. Some of the portent seeds that put the company on the global map are Oracle, Infinity Bud, Multiverse God bud, to name a few. They are popular for being the most powerful strains cultivated by the organization.

BC Seed Bank operates from Vancouver, British Columbia and facilitates a lot of research work into discovering new and portent strains of cannabis. Mr BC Seeds has been offering his knowledge of genetically modified cannabis to the public since the year 1998.


BC Seed Bank offers wide-ranging strains of marijuana that project high tetrahydrocannabinol levels. Though BC Seed Bank does not offer a lot of discounts or do any extensive promotions, the company provides complementary cannabis seeds with different orders. If you fulfil certain order criteria, you stand a chance to receive complimentary marijuana seeds that are no older than 3 months.

Shipping and delivery segment of BC Seed Bank deserves high marks and good reviews. You need to register on the company website with your email address and place your order. You can go for registered shipping which will cost you around $14.50 or you have the option of free shipping. In the case of registered shipping, you will be given proof of order and delivery through receipt copies and signed copies at the time of delivery. You can choose to pay from a wide variety of banking methods like MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Visa, cryptocurrencies, to name a few.



This is one of the strongest strains from the house of BC Seed Bank Canada which has a very high THC level. It takes around 39 days to bloom and tastes like sweet coffee.


This variant is a big-time stress buster which is popularly purchased to prepare hash. It gives off an earthly odor and relaxes your nerves.


Cupid bud, as the name suggests, will help you bring out your A-game so that you can charm your way through the crowd. Its THC level is decent and it has a sweet and sour citrusy taste.


This variant is one of the premium qualities from the house of BC Seed Bank which comes with a very high percentage of THC level. It will induce a taste of sweet raspberries and will soothe your nerves to give you a relaxed frame of mind.


This strain will give you a happy and warm feeling that can be great for parties or hang-outs with friends. It has a high THC level and tastes like sour citrusy champagne.

BC Seed Bank Canada has a plethora of marijuana variants which you can use for any occasion. You can go visit the official website and know more about its various flavours and offerings.

Best nail clippers for rabbits: FAQs about rabbit nail clippers

Clipping the rabbit’s fingernails is a necessary task to ensure the health and safety for the optimal and comfy movement. Instead of wasting your time and money to take your rabbit veterinarians and professional groomers, you learn to safely trim your rabbit’s nails at home.

In order to help you keep your rabbit’s claws safely trimmed, this post will give you some basic information and some quires that rabbit owners usually get when it come to choosing the best nail clippers for rabbits.

#1 Can I use human nail clippers for rabbits?

No, the answer is that you should not use human nail clippers for rabbits. Their functionality is different. Human nail clippers are designed to cut thin and flat nails of human. Human nail clippers are mainly used for manicuring purposes.

While the rabbit’s nails is very long, thinks and even curl. They require a special tool. Due to the thickness of nails, the rabbit’s nail clippers will need to use a lot of impact and strength force. The small nail clipper of human is too flimsy to do this.

#2 What to look for in good nail clippers for rabbits?

The first thing to look for is the durable material and constriction. You should choose the clippers that made from stainless steel with the rubber-coasted handle. You will have to apply the pressure necessary on the clipper to cut the nails that is why you need the durable clipper.

You also have to choose the clipper with sharp blades. As mention below, rabbit’s nails are very long and thick, so without the sharp blades, the nails will prone to crack while cutting. Without careful nail care, the rabbit can get around in the litter.

The firmly, non-slip grips is also necessary to keep the clipper at the right position during trimming process. Lacking this feature and can be the cause of painful accidents.

#3 How to trim overgrown rabbit nails?

With the normal rabbit nail clipper specifically the small appearance clippers, it is very difficult to cut overgrown rabbit nails with them. The clipper with the short blade cannot cut down the long nails.

You should find the clipper with extra large opening and sharp blade for the overgrown rabbit nails. If you use the scissors style clipper, it also should have the large finger hold for the comfy grip because you will need to increase the pressure on the handle to cut the hard thick nails.

Best nail clippers for rabbits: What should you do if you cut the rabbits quick?

One important part of grooming for rabbits is pay attention to the condition of their nails and trim them if needed. It is not an easy task to cut rabbits nails especially if you are new owner.

Even you get the best nail clippers for rabbits, there is also the rick can be occurred when you do this work is that you may clip into the quick of the claw and hurt the rabbits. In this case, what should you do?

#1 How to find the quick?

There is a vein in the rabbits nails, it is also called quick. There is the note when clip rabbit’s nails is that you have to avoid clipping into this vein.  Clipping the quick will make your pets fell pain and cause bleeding.

If your rabbit’ claw is light color, you can easy to find the pick, red part at the end of the nails, it is quick. But if the nails are dark color, it is a bit difficult to identify the quick. You can use a flashlight to find the quick,

However, if you do it alone and get hard when try to restraint your rabbit, hold the flashlight and cut the nail at the same time. Instead, you can put the light squeeze of the clippers on position you want to cut. If the rabbit flinches a little, this means you are too close to the quick.

#2 What to do if you cut the quick and the nail starts bleeding?

If you cut the quick, cause the nail bleeding, this may be a surprising amount of blood when this happens. However, you should know that this is not a serious situation for the rabbit. It could be a painful for them but there is nothing dangerous.

In the case when the nail starts to bleed, you can use the cotton with flour or corn-starch to press to the wound for a few minute. This will stop the bleeding and your rabbit will recover so quickly. Let they lick their nail to clean the wound.

Best small aquarium filter: Penn Plax world aquarium filter vs Fluval U2 underwater filter

Taking care and maintaining a small aquarium can be challenging. Beginners tend to get started with a small aquarium. However, the small tank requires to be cleaned more frequently than the larger one.

The best small aquarium filter will help you keep the proper water condition and healthy environment for your fish tank dwellers all the time. Not all of the filter tanks available in the supermarket could execute the job of filtration perfectly. So we introduce to you here two common filters for a small tank with a lot of information, pros and cons: Penn Plax world aquarium filter vs Fluval U2 underwater filter.

#1 Flow rate

It is important to look for a fish tank filter that can handle your tank water. In general, you should choose the filter that comes with a flow rate that is capable of filtering all the water in your aquarium at least 4-6 times every hour.

For example, if you have a 20 gallons fish tank, then the filter for your tank will come with a low rate of minimum 80 GPH. But this flow rate could be higher if your tank has lots of decoration and plants.

Fluval U2 flow rate is 150 GPH, it is an ideal option for 12-30 gallon tank size. While Penn Plax world can deliver 20 GPH. It is specifically designed for a small fish tank of 5 gallons or less.

#2 Size

Since you have a small tank, so one of the important considerations is the size of the filter. The slim filter that has a compact size and shape will not occupy much space in your tank. You will have more space for adding decoration and a larger living space for your fish.

Fluval U2 is designed to go inside your fish tank; it does not need the external space. But it will take the internal space of your tank. Its dimensions are 3.9 x 5 x 8.8 inches.

Penn Plax World is the tiny filter. This filter measuring 6,00 x 2,00 x 6,00 inch and fits in almost any small aquarium. Even if your tank I globes, rounded corners or small-size panels, this is compact and narrow profile can be able to fit with the smallest areas.

#3 Filtration process

The best filter will come with three stages of filtration as much as possible. They are mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.

Penn Plax offers the 3 stages of SmallWorld filtration. SmallWorld filter includes the high-quality disposable cartridge, which is consists of carbon and zeolite for chemical filtration and a bio-foam sponge. The zeolite removes ammonia while the top-quality activated carbon removes harmful gases and odors. The bio-foam helps promote biological filtration that helps you maintain the clearness of the water.

Fluval U2 Underwater Filter is also three-stage filtration that is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater environments. At the first stage, 2 foams pad will work for removes large particles and fish waste that floating in the water.

In the second stage, the 2 poly/carbon cartridges trap fine debris, improves water clarity and removes impurities. In the third stage, 40 grams BioMax provides optimal biological filtration efficiency.

Best ball python substrate: Aspen Shavings vs AstroTurf

An ideal habitat for ball pythons includes the right ball python bedding since they should never live on a bare floor. Ball python requires some factors such as absorbent, odor control, burrowing support, etc.

In this post, we will help you choose the best bedding for ball python by comparing 2 different types of the substrate are Aspen shavings and AstroTurf. Looking closely at the pros and cons of each type in detail to determine what is the best ball python substrate.

#1 Easy to clean

Ball pythons substrates require to be cleaned, removed any the dirty spots and waste daily. And once per month, you should completely deep clean the entire enclosure and do not forget to replace the substrate.

Aspen Shaving is not got difficult to clean since it has a light color, which makes you easy to notice, fine urine or feces and scoop out them. Because you will have to spot clean it every day, this feature becomes more useful than the darker substrate.

However, the drawback is that this substrate tends to het messy when you need to replace it. The shreds and small pieces of it will drop on the floor. It might also cause some dust when it is dry.

On the other hand, AstroTurf is the easiest substrate to clean. It is durable, so you can totally wash it under a stream of running water. Its appearances do diminish after many times of washing. Since AstroTurf is similar to reptile carpet, so you should have at least 2 pieces of it.

When you tank one out to clean, use the other one to place in the ball python cage. There is the note that you have to wait until the AstroTurf is dry before placing it back into the enclosure.

#2 Burrowing support

Ball pythons may not a burrowing snake, but they often prefer to bury themselves in the substrate. In order to allow them to do this instinct behavior, you should provide them the substrate that supports burrowing.

Aspen bedding has a good texture for burrowing animals. You just need to provide them a few inches of Aspen to support this behavior.

In addition, although Artificial Turf mimics the real grass, create the comfortable floor for your pets and is visually appealing for your cage. However, ball pythons cannot burrow in AstroTurf.

#3 Maintain humidity levels

Pall python requires a relatively high level of humidity from 55% to 60%. In the shedding process, these levels even increase to 80%. The substrate also plays a vital part in maintaining humidity in ball python’s environment. Moreover, high absorbent substrates are also good at control odors.

Aspen Shavings have been known as high absorbency eating substrate. This substrate also has a pleasant natural scent, which makes it good at reducing odors. However, Aspen bedding can grow mold if you leave it damp for a long time so you should not make it too damp.

The major drawback of AstroTurf is that it is not good absorbent and odor control material, you will have to wash it thoroughly to ensure it is clean and odor-free.