What are additional features should come with bbq smoker combo?

Type of cooker, size, build quality are not only what you have to consider when choosing BBQ smoker combo. Although not essential to cooking food or smoking meal, the best bbq smoker combo have some handy accessories or extra features that can make the cooking process easier and help you get better result.

You can have a fun experience of smoking and grilling outdoor with your friends and family, and any help will only improve the quality of food you serve.

#1 Thermometers

Smoking requires temperatures between 68 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, Barbecuing happens at temperatures between 190 and 300 degrees. When cooking ow and slow, temperature like this, control temperature is one of the most important aspects. it’s essential for the cooking chamber to maintain the correct temperature throughout.

To make sure that you’re achieving that, you need thermometers and probes built into the hoods or electrics, which help you maintain a more precise temperature. The bbq smokers that has a built-in temperature gauge will show current temperature reading on the front of them, so that allowing you can stay apprised of the heat level with just a glance.

#2 Thermostats

Thermostats is what built into many wood pellet combos, which will help control and adjust the temperature in the safe level that you’ve set. That means the smoker can be as accurate as your indoor oven. Some modern unit can even be controlled wirelessly by an app on your smart device.

#3 Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity feature is the latest tech features that may very useful to you. You are able to control your grill though your smart phone is a cool trick especially if you live in a cold climate area. Some people couldn’t care less, and want to do everything manually. There’s no right or wrong answer, it just comes down to your personal preference.

#4 Price

These modern features are often come with pellet smoker combo. You can decide to try these unique features or not and this is the largest determiner of price. There are even some other extra features such as Advanced systems of dampers and chimneys, Side burners, Rotisserie attachments, Ash catchers, etc.

If you want to get the model that have most of extra feature, you may have to pay up to $500 for this. Extra features will come at a premium, and will often make the smoker much more convenient to use.