Best Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis can be female or male, but only female cannabis produce buds. The female flower is pollinated for reproduction with the help of a male plant, after which it produces cannabis seeds. When the seeds are ripe, the female plant starts to die, and the cannabis seeds are harvested or dropped to the ground and converted into food products, seed oil, or sown to become the future generation of plants. There are different types of cannabis seeds in different parts of the world. Here are the best cannabis seeds.

#1 Cinex (Sativa)

Cinex is the best cannabis seed, which is known for its strong THC levels that are generally between 20 and 24% in laboratory tests. Besides, the plant which bears these has a high yield. On average, 16 ounces of the plant is grown outdoors and also 19 ounces per square meter grown indoors. Due to the genetic reproduction of Vortex and Cinderella 99, these plants are quite thick, especially for Citex, which makes them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Don’t worry about having a huge plant growing room.

#2 Northern Lights

Generally, this type of cannabis seed does not exceed 5.5 feet and can be planted indoors or outdoors. Unlike different seeds, Northern Lights is a very pure seed made from two local strains, Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa, making it an outdated crop. Maintenance, which is known to be inherently resistant to various diseases, is not a problem for Northern Lights. However, it works best in hot, dry Mediterranean climates, which can be difficult to manage indoors and require strict control of the moisture.

#3 Papaya

This is the best cannabis seed which its main feature is to facilitate growth that is ready for harvest after about eight weeks of flowering. The flowering reaches only 3 feet at the highest point, which has strong sedative effects, which make it effective for deep sleep, especially for those who have insomnia. Successful papaya growers have reported that this type of cannabis seeds grows well, even under stressful conditions, since it’s naturally resistant to mold and mildew.