How to use water purification tablets for travelling?

If you have ever been traveling for a while in countries with unclear drinking water, especially during a long-distance hike, you will realize the importance of water purification. Therefore, I definitely recommend to purify your water with the tablets, they are the best and safest option when you travel.

Unlike a camping stove and pots and pans, the best water purification tablets uk easy to carry out for travel, small, not complicated to use and they make water drinkable quickly. All you need is a purification tablet and a container for some water. This guide will helps you use the water purification tablets correctly.

#1 Preservation

First and foremost, water purification tablets come with a shelf life of five years but this is only valid if they have not been opened. Due to this, ensure that the tablets are in their air-tight packaging when you buy it. Any bad weather, humidity and extreme temperature can make the water purification tablets lose its effectiveness if being exported to them.

When you are on a hike, go for traveling, it is very difficult to avoid these conditions. So, I usually put my water purification tablets in a backpack with safely zipped to maintain them.

#2 Procedure for water purification with tablets

Before you add the tablets to the water, it’s important that you take out the larger particles and debris that exist in the water. It will be better if you can use clean cloth to help filter out these larger particles.

After filtration with cloth, if the water is still extremely dirty, allow the dirt to settle and then filter the water into another container.

Then, you have to add the tablets with the right dosage that indicated in the instructions. They will soon start to dissolve into water.

After they have completely dissolved, shaking the container for around 10 minutes before letting it sit and wait. This is so that the active ingredients in the tablets are evenly spread within the water.

Depending on the types of tablet or chemical compost you are using, the amount of dissolving time may vary. Typically, it will take at least 30 minutes to purify the water. But you should read the enclosed instructions in order to determine the correct amount of time.

After this time, the bacteria and viruses will soon be killed, and all the elements will settle down towards the container’s bottom.