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Garlic Cultivars

Descriptions of Garlic Cultivars

Porcelains are among those with the highest allicin, the sulfur compound associated with therapeutic benefits for blood pressure and cholesterol.  Very hardy in northern climates, however early spring/summer heat can stress the plants.  When conditions are ideal, they can grow into some of the largest bulbs with 4 to 7 cloves in a single layer. Music Huge bulbs; with […]

The Pros and Cons of Several Kinds of Grow Lights for Indoor Agriculture


T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights Fluorescent tubes are measured by their distance across. Every “T” stands for one-eighth of an inch. A T5 tube is five-eighths of an inch in measurement, a T8 would be one inch in width, et cetera. T5s are best utilized amid the propagation phase of plants since they run cool. Pros […]