Burmese Kush Strain Effects & Review – Potential Cannabis Strains with a Distinct Citric Edge

Burmese Kush strain is a cannabis strain that can impress even the most connoisseur of cannabis. While Burmese Kush’s origins are somewhat unclear, it stands out for itself without relying too much on the names of its parent strains.

Basic information can be found in the Burmese Kush Allbud, however we will provide more in-depth information about this strain. The majority of Burmese Kush strain reviews are positive, and check this out in our informative article on this cannabis strain below.

Information about Burmese Kush including origin, effects, taste, medical value, growing, and also Kurmese Kush strain sativa or indica will be included in this article. They are useful for both growers and smokers.

Burmese Kush Origins

Burmese Kush is a cannabis strain with a not very clear origin, One is inclined to the theory that OG Kush and Burmese Indica are its two parent strains, this is the most common and likely hypothesis. highest capacity.

Burmese Kush is a cannabis strain that balances 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, which is why it seems that Burmese Kush’s provenance is so hard to pin down. Burmese Kush is a hybrid product from TH seeds, a famous breeder in the Netherlands. Burmese Kush TH seeds are one of the most popular cannabis strains in Dutch cafes.

This cannabis strain not only possesses a delicious taste, but it can also provide impressive experiences for both physical and mental health. That’s why Burmese Kush is so popular in Amsterdam’s cafes. And we will talk about this cannabis strain in the following sections.

Burmese Kush Effects

Burmese Kush, also known as BuKu strain, is a cannabis strain that offers signature euphoric and relaxing effects. Its height isn’t so strong that you can be locked into the couch, but it’s strong enough to provide an underwhelming effect. Real beginners should take this cannabis strain carefully.

With the first sips of smoke, the effect that Burmese Kush brings begins to be euphoric. The effect comes on slowly and you can feel your spirits rising, accompanied by giggles.

After this feeling of euphoria subsides, your whole body will sink into a state of deep relaxation. The giggles will gradually fade away, replaced by laziness. This effect lasts quite a while and then you will easily fall asleep. That is why you should smoke Burmese Kush in the evening or during lazy days.

Burmese Kush is unlikely to cause ill effects, but dry eyes and dry mouth are the most common side effects. This can be easily improved by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. However, some sensitive smokers may experience dizziness, or headaches. Abuse smokers may also experience these effects, and be accompanied by paranoia.

Burmese Kush Fragrance & Flavors

Quite a few smokers are honest that they imagine a pungent taste when looking at its name. However, Burmese Kush is a very sweet-tasting strain that can satisfy any smokers whether they are beginners or seasoned smokers.

The aroma of Burmese Kush is characterized by sweet and fresh berry flavors, it combines with woody notes to bring an interesting. It is this pleasant fragrance that also enhances the relaxing effects of Burmese Kush.

The smooth smoke of Burmese Kush hides sweetness of berries, a slight sourness of grapefruit and lemon, along with a few spicy notes of pine. It is like a fruit candy full of flavor, a harmonious combination of sweet, spicy and sour.

Burmese Kush Medical

Thanks to its uplifting and relaxing effects, Burmese Kush is used as a natural remedy to relieve the severity of depression. Patients with mental problems can also benefit from this strain of cannabis.

In addition to its mental health benefits, Burmese Kush can also act as a pain reliever with no side effects. Or one day your body is completely exhausted, Burmese Kush is the healing solution you will need to feel better. The cramps will also be reduced.

In addition, Burmese Kush also brings other great medical values. If you are having an eating disorder, or have a poor appetite, Burmese Kush will help you regain your appetite. You will be healed both physically and mentally to become healthier, eat better.

This cannabis strain can also fight nausea, a big help for patients undergoing cancer treatment. However, we always recommend that patients consult their doctor before using the medical value of Burmese Kush.

Burmese Kush Growing

Burmese Kush is a cannabis strain that can be very profitable for growers. However, not all growers of all levels can control Burmese Kush seeds well. Burmese Kush is more suitable for experienced growers than beginners, but that doesn’t mean that newbies can’t grow Burmese Kush seeds, just that it will be more difficult.

Burmese Kush seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, growers can choose the method that suits their conditions. Regardless of the growing environment, it is imperative for growers to pay attention to the humidity of the plants. Burmese Kush is not a cannabis strain with the vigor and resistance to mildew and pests. Growers should pay attention to pruning to avoid the shoots being attacked by mold.

Grown indoors or outdoors, growers still need to take good care of the plants. Plants will grow best and most vigorously in warm, sunny climates. Areas with harsh climates are best to grow indoors, or arrange a roof if planted outdoors.

Flowering time is about 60 days. Growers can yield about 12-13 ounces/m2 indoors, and as little as 14 ounces/plant outdoors. Growers can use the SOG method to increase crop yields.

Where Can I Buy Burmese Kush Seeds?

There are many online seed banks that offer a wide variety of cannabis seeds. However, finding a reputable cannabis seed bank that comes with good service and prices can be quite challenging, especially for beginner growers. It is very easy for newbies to encounter online seed banks that scam and cause certain losses. That is why we are going to list some reputable seed banks that provide the best quality Burmese Kush seeds.

Seedsman – Burmese Kush Feminised Seeds

Growers Seeds Choice – Burmese Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Herbies Headshop – Burmese Kush Feminized seeds