Elev8seeds Review – Is Elev8seeds.com Fake

There are very few customer reviews online, making it hard to verify their quality products and services. On the Elev8 seeds website, there are five various reviews from customers. I read through the reviews; it’s all positive things about how excellent the customer service is and how great their seeds are. Elev8 seeds allow the customers to leave reviews under the strain you have bought. With that being said, you have to go into the shop tab and click on each item, scroll down and read the reviews on each item. Some of the strains don’t have reviews.

They have Facebook and Instagram pages, but I couldn’t find any Elev8seeds reviews on them. Just many people were asking questions about the pictures Elev8 seeds posted. On Growdires, there are five other reviews from different customers that have used Elev8 seeds. All these reviews were positive and talking about the process and the strain they got. Some also went into detail about the high the customer contacted.

Is elev8seeds.com fake?

Elev8 Seeds is safe. It is a legitimate cannabis seed bank. On Scamadviser, Elev8seeds.com scored average on the trust scale as a trustworthy site to buy from. They based the rating on data collected about the site on the Internet, and the country where the website is and if an SSL certificate is used, and reviews found on other websites. They were featured in Dope Magazine for one of their strains back in 2018 by High Times Magazine. Elv8 Seeds’ mission is to provide the best genetics in seed form. Many have labeled their seeds “the top 1%” on the market.

Getting Elev8 in Canada

Yes, Elev8 seeds do ship to Canada. They have a place on their website for just Orders for Canadian customers and one for American customers. Elev8 says they have fast shipping for both Canada and USA orders.

Elev8seeds strains

M2 is a strain that is 100% Sativa. The perfect example of what a Sativa is supposed to feel like. Opportunity for the younger generations to experience what Sativa is. It has no anxiety-inducing effects: M2, a cross of four landrace sativas, and the original Haze mixed. High is clear and powerful. Attributes that make landrace cross so unusual are that none of the anxiety-inducing traits are shared with pure sativas. It will take 14 weeks to flower once planted in soil. This strain does not do well outside.
Cinex is a Sativa variety from Elev8 Seeds and can be cultivated indoors. The plant takes 58 days to flower out. Elev8 Seeds’ Cinex a THC dominant variety and was never available as feminized seeds. Cinex is a forgiving plant to grow. With excellent tolerance to pests and mold and is a consistently good yielder. Because of its bud structure, it is quick and easy to trim. Cinex from Elev8 Seeds is available only as regular seeds.
Sour Diesel seeds are a Sativa strain. This plant takes 9-10 weeks to flower. East Coast Sour Diesel mother backcrossed with East Coast Sour Diesel male is how a sour diesel is made.
Blackberry Dream is an incredibly potent, 60% Sativa hybrid strain resulting from crossing Kimbo Kush with Super Silver Haze. Takes about 63-70 days to flower.
The Runtz strain flowers in 8-9 weeks. Hard to get yet insanely popular strain. These seeds are from an original clone-only Runtz. It is a hybrid, so a mixer between Sativa and Indica.


Two ways to germinate seeds, paper towel method or root cube method. Elev8 prefers the root cube method. Root Cube Method is to Soak the cube in PH’d water (5.5-6.5), Then Put the seed in the hole and push down a half-inch. Check daily to ensure they are not dried out. The temperature should be 70-80 °F. Don’t use nutrients because it will burn the seedlings, and they will be no good. DO NOT use a heat mat. No need to use a dome because domes are only used with rooting clones. Place in a small pot of soil after 2-10 days.
Paper Towel Method, Take two full-sized paper towels, fold them twice and soak them in distilled water for better results. One of the paper towels put on a small plate, then place the seeds on top. The second soaked paper towel is put on top of the seeds. Get a second plate and put it upside down over the seeds to keep the moisture in.
Please place them in a warm location, not under artificial heat. 2-10 days later, a tail will pop out of the seed. These methods are more familiar to uses and the better way to ensure growth from the seed.

Elev8 seed review

Anyone who has bought seeds from Elev8 says they are high quality and easy to grow. Looking for a coupon code to save some money, Elev8 has some deals. On Wetthift, they are 30% off with six different promo codes you can use. Once I looked at the other strains in the USA and Canada, it seems like Elev8 sends the same to each country. Looking through Riddet, I saw many good things said about Elev8.
Along with many pictures of the plants that have grown from the seeds. Many people have said it was easy to develop them and love the results. Elev8 has not added the UK to their shipping or selling area yet. There is another site that does ship and supply seeds to the UK.