Gold Leaf Strain Review – Rare Marijuana Strain With High Yield

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If you are looking for a cannabis strain that can bring a positive energy into your mind, Gold Leaf is the best choice right now. Gold Leaf strain is not only a high yielding cannabis strain with recreational and medical value, but it is also one of the top flavored cannabis strains.

Although Gold Leaf is not as popular as other cannabis strains, it is only available at a few online seed banks. However, the name Gold Leaf is no stranger to professional smokers or growers. In this article, we will give you some more in-depth information about this cannabis strain. Hope you can find a lot of use in this Gold Leaf strain review.

Gold Leaf Origins

The information about the origin of the Gold Leaf strain is not really detailed, only that this cannabis strain is the result of a cross between many high-quality strains. This cannabis strain contains 60% Indica genetics and 40% Sativa genetics. It is synthesized containing the most dominant genetics of the parent strains. This genetic balance has resulted in a cannabis strain that contains traits that both smokers and growers love.

The Gold Leaf seed will grow into plants with lots of Sativa traits, and it’s also not as tall as other indica plants. This exquisite height of the Gold Leaf makes it ideal for growing both indoors and outdoors.

Gold Leaf Effects

With a predominant THC content, around 21-23%, Gold Leaf is a perfect late-afternoon strain. This cannabis strain will deliver high tension after just two puffs of fine smoke. If you are a beginner, try it lightly first. There will be an explosion in the beginning, followed by a high concentration and finally a relaxation. This state of relaxation will put you at ease both mentally and physically.

Beginners should only get acquainted with a light amount of Gold Leaf first. Even veteran smokers can be locked up for quite a long time if they smoke a large amount of this marijuana. Some people may also experience euphoric and energizing effects when using this cannabis strain.

We recommend using Gold Leaf at rest times such as late afternoon and early evening. Stay away from it at a time when you have to start work or have important projects, as the chair lock effect will last quite a while.

Gold Leaf Fragrance & Flavors

Gold Leaf has a complex blend of many different flavors. You can easily recognize the aroma of earth, orange, mandarin and a little spicy lemon. This scent is quite pleasant and relaxing. Although the taste is a bit pungent and spicy, overall this taste effect will not affect your relaxing experience. And you may also notice a slight sour taste with every exhale.

Some connoisseurs of smoker can also detect scents other than earthy, orange and tangerine. Gold Leaf also has a fuel smell that is not too strong, but enough to enhance the uniqueness of this cannabis strain. Gold Leaf’s parent strain hasn’t been released in detail, so perhaps Gold Leaf has more flavors than the ones listed above.

Gold Leaf Medical

Although Gold Leaf is a cannabis strain with a predominant THC content, it still contains a sufficient amount of CBD to provide medical value. While the THC content is high above 20%, the CBD content only accounts for 1-3% of the Gold Leaf’s genetics.

Besides its recreational value for users, Gold Leaf can also act as a therapeutic drug and can improve health conditions. Patients with insomnia and stress tend to love this strain of cannabis.

Due to its powerful relaxing properties, Gold Leaf helps to deal with depression, soothes and controls pain. So if you are dealing with stress, prolonged insomnia, your condition will improve after taking this cannabis strain.

In addition, Gold Leaf can completely help patients with problems related to depression, anxiety, inflammation, loss of appetite, chronic pain or arthritis. The medicinal value of Gold Leaf is superior to that of other popular THC dominant strains on the market.

Gold Leaf Growing

Gold Leaf is known to be the highest yielding cannabis strain and it doesn’t require much care. So more and more growers are deciding to grow this genetics at home. With good care, growers can absolutely make good profits if you are working towards this goal.

This cannabis strain can grow well both indoors and outdoors, however it is ideal when you let it grow to its fullest in a large space. Gold Leaf seeds tend to grow into bushy plants with wide branches and good height. So it is more ideal to plant these seeds outdoors.

The plant can grow up to 7 feet tall, so growers can use techniques to reduce its height. In addition, if growers find that the shoots tend to be large and heavy, frames should be arranged to hold the plant.

Gold Leaf has a fast flowering time, if grown outdoors growers can be harvested in early October. Yields as high as 28 ounces/plant. If grown indoors, the plant will be fully mature in about 9 weeks, and growers can harvest 1.4 -2.4 ounces per square foot.

This yield is considered high compared to other popular easy-to-grow cannabis strains. The shoots obtained are also very good quality and heavy. They are large and have a very eye-catching emerald green color. The tangled orange hairs combined with dense trichomes cover the young shoots.

The appearance of this cannabis strain also changes as the plant matures. The tips of the leaves tend to turn yellow, looking like autumn leaves. That is also the origin of the name Gold Leaf.

Where Can I Buy Gold Leaf Seeds?


Gold Leaf seeds are not difficult to buy at online seed banks, and the seeds are usually in feminized form. However, as we mentioned, Gold Leaf’s parent cannabis strain is a complete mystery, so many online seed banks have taken advantage of this to their advantage.

They will probably breed any strain, label it Gold Leaf and sell it for a premium price. That’s why you should buy Gold Leaf cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank.

We recommend that you buy Gold Leaf strain seeds at some reputable seed banks such as:

This cannabis strain has little information on it so buy Gold Leaf seeds from reputable seed banks. The future of Gold Leaf is very bright and hopefully our above information will help your cannabis cultivation!