Good Supply Growers Choice review:

We apologize if we missed something here but while Good Supply may be part of Aphria, one of the largest sellers of 420 seed bank in the world and listed on the New York Stock exchange, there is no information that Good Supply Sells Cannabis Seeds.

Good Supply Growers, rather than being a single, unified website seller like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, is collection of 13 different websites in different provinces in Canada.

When we clicked on the where to buy website and selected British Columbia, we were taken to BC Cannabis Stores Website. We next did a search for seeds and found the site does indeed sell a variety of cannabis seeds although we noticed you only get 4 at a time.

We then selected Power Cush seeds on the website to see how far we could go with an order. Unfortunately, BC Cannabis Stores only delivers to Canadian provinces.

We tried a second Good Supply Store in Ontario and found exactly the same results.

Good Seeds may be a good supplier for Canadian buyers, but our purpose here is find Cannabis companies that ship to the USA.