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10 Best Indoor Grow Machine for Growing Weed 2021

As a home growers, I know the main questions of most beginners when it comes to growing marijuana at home are how to set up a complete growing system? and what are best equipment to get? When I decide to build my own indoor garden, I also had no idea what I’d need or how everything would go together.

This is why I spent my time researching and I have figured out the top indoor grow machine, which come with all you we need to get started with the work of growing weed indoor. In this post, I would like to share with all of you my researching on best indoor grow machine. These machines can helps increase your success rate and get abundant yields of cannabis.

Top 10 Indoor Grow Machine 2021

#1 Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

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Getting this indoor grow machine means that you have all you need to get started, except the fertilizers and seeds. The box measures 36″ (T) x 24″ (W) x 16.5″ (D). It is quite small to fit any place in your home, but the interior has enough of room for up to 4 cannabis plants. It features a 150W Mars Hydro LED lighting system for plenty of light. This lighting system offers growers two modes are vegetative and blooming, so you can adjust the lighting system to have the ideal light for plant at all life stage. It is also completely pre-assembled so you do not need to spend time set it together.

#2 The Armoire 60 – Cherry Finish

The Armoire grow box is perfect choice if you want to grow weed indoor discreetly and you don’t want anyone know that you are growing weed. This machine is premium option, it durable, lightweight, waterproof, comes with all equipment you need and due to that, it is also expensive. The grow machine includes Led lighting system, wi-fi camera, digital hygrometer & thermometer, UV safety glasses, inline fan, filter, timer, grow pot, etc. You just need seeds, water and the medium growth to start your work. The most attractive feature of this grow machine is that it allows you to control and monitor the growth condition through the wifi camera.

#3 TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

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Although TopoGrow complete kit is a tent, it does a great job of ventilation thanks to the fan and filter combination. This combo has thick carbon layer and zinc-anodized steel mesh, which ensure the clear environment and airflow throughout the tent. You can expect that this tent last for many years as it is made of highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar and 600D lightproof oxford cloth material. These 2 layers of the tent is durable, heavy-duty and tear resistant. This complete kit also comes with full spectrum 300W LED lighting, which will support healthy plant grow from germination to flowering periods.

#4 BloomGrow indoor Grow Tent Complete Kit

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Another great way to keep your marijuana plants hidden is using this BlooGrow indoor tent kit, but what makes this tent kits distinguished from other tents is a lot of features that it offers. This 32” x 32” x 63” tent is made from 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar inner layer and 600D high-reflective Diamond Mylar outer layer. Aside from the tent, the kit also includes a floor tray, full spectrum 600W LED light, build-in fan filter ducting combo, light hangers, a digital hygrometer, shears, a timer, trellis netting.

#5 IPOW Grow Tent Kit Complete

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IPow is an affordable complete grow tent kit that every new grower should consider. The kit includes a grow tent, LED grow light, ventilation system, thermometer and hygrometer, timer, 4 grow bags, 2 rope hangers. The full spectrum LED light is 100W with 240 pcs LEDs. It is not only effective for all growth cycle, but also save energy. The ventilation system includes silent inline fan, harcoal carbon filter and flex aluminum ducting, which provides proper airflow, control odor and maintain humidity level.

#6 Active Aqua RS5GALSYS Root Spa 5 Gallon Hydroponic Bucket

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If you do not mind about growing cannabis discreetly, you can choose the more public indoor hydroponic system. Aqua Root Spa 5 Gallon Hydroponic Bucket System is a simple, inexpensive, but still effective marijuana growing system. This technique is incredibly easy and uncomplicated, you just need to pump raw air into the growth medium.

The device includes a 5 gallons bucket with 8-inch diameter that can contain both small and large strain of cannabis. The air hose serves many purposes, including delivering air to the bucket’s base and promoting healthy root development. The bucket is both leak-proof and long-lasting. One of the most easiest to use and assemble system.

#7 DWC Hydroponics Growing System-Kit

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The DWC Hydroponics Growing System Kit from SavvyGrow contains all you’ll need to start growing your own cannabis plants, including an airstone, a strong air pump, and a medium-sized DWC bucket, as well as a water indicator, instructions, a tube, and clay pebbles. This hydroponic system can help produces large plants quickly, plants roots better receive complete nutrition.

Mars Hydro vs. Viparspectra Comparison Review

Both mars hydro and Viparspectra work well as led grow lights for indoor plant growers. However, there’s always a better product if you look closely into the specs. Perhaps this comparison review can enable you to make an informed decision the next time you need lights for your indoor plants. Let us look into the specifications of each of the LED lights.

Mars Hydro 300w/600w

First, we have to acknowledge that Mars Hydro has an updated design. It has significant changes that make it more effective than its older model. There’s no heat sink equipped on the panel; therefore, the power pulling and cooling function has been improved. Now, let us look through the determining features.

Spectral Caliber

Both Mars Hydro 300w and 600w feature a full spectrum with hints of IR, which helps boost plant growth.  When it comes to band coverage, all the essential bands that a marijuana plant needs are covered in both of the LED lights.

Space coverage

While most LED lights of this caliber can only cover a space of 1.5’x 1.5, the Mars Hydro 300w covers around 2’X2′ of grow space uniformly when light is placed closer to the plants. The Mars Hydro 600w, on the other hand, can entirely cover a 2.5ft*3.5ft grow area with maximum coverage of 3.5ft*5.5ft.

Power efficiency

The Mars Hydro 300w takes up only 130w at max. Mars Hydro 600w is also power saving, consuming only 92W± 5%; it is great for boosting your plant growth while saving on electricity consumption.


Mars Hydro 300w has a low heat output even after constant usage. It is fitted with a cooling fan and has small ventilation holes on the sides to accelerate the cooling process.  The Mars Hydro 600w is also equipped with high-speed heat-dissipating fans, which work efficiently to cool down the Lights with minimal noise.

Viparspectra 300w/600w

Spectral Caliber

Both the Viparspectra 300w and 600W have complete full-band coverage, which is vital for plant growth. This LED light provides plants in all growth stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight.

Space coverage

Viparspectra 300w covers a grow space of about 2x2ft Vegetative Coverage at 24″ at the vegetative stage and 1.5×1.5ft Flowering Coverage at 18″ flowering stage. The 600W LED grow light is perfect for a 3’x3′ vegetative coverage at 32″ and 2.5’x2.5′ flowering coverage at 22″.

Power efficiency

The Viparspectra 300w uses about 136W power draw while providing your plant with sufficient lighting for their growth. Viparspectra 600w, on the other hand, has an actual power draw of 260W±3%, which is just as cost-saving when it comes to power consumption.


Both the Viparspectra 300w and 600w have advanced high-speed, quiet fans, and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks are easy for heat dissipation.


Having looked at the vital features of the LED lights, a non-biased opinion has to be highlighted for the comparison between Mars hydro 300w/600w and the Viparspectra 300w/600w. Most of the vital feature comparisons have been discussed above.

However, the one feature that pronounces the difference between the two brands is power consumption. Mars Hydro consumes less power compared to Viparspectra within all the capacities discussed.

You can therefore base your decision according to your personal preference.


Top 5 Best Quantum Boards 2021 (Quantum Board Led Review)

What is a Quantum Board LED? Quantum board is actually contemporary alternative to more costly COB grow lights. It is a large circuit board in which LEDs string are connected to form an “intelligent spectrum string” which results in broader spectrum which ultimately grows the plants large in size.

Top 5 Quantum Board For 4×4

#1 HLG 550 V2- One of best Quantum Board Grow Light

HLG 550 V2 is on top of my list, thanks to its various features. This is made up of grow HLG lights of a really reputable manufacturer for indoor gardening. The V2 models are the second version of those boards but having a far better light control of the quantum boards. Unlike its other models HLG 550 just needs to plug in for start of operation.

It has following important features:

  • New and improved design which covers more area
  • Boosted Vegetative Growth; it uses 4′ x 4′ footprint with 470nm wavelength, Blue Diodes, which is only recommended for use in Vegetative Growth.
  • It also includes dimmable power supply (90 to 270 watts).
  • Its manufacturer offers 3 year warranty money back guarantee.

#2 HLG 65 V2 4000K Top Quality Quantum Board LED Grow Light

HLG is also referred as Horticulture Lighting Group, was the first one to discover quantum board LED Grow lights, so you can rely on product of this company. Now a days quantum board grow lights are the most popular grow lights available in market for indoor growers. If you own a small plantation or a large one, HLG can meet your demands and it should be your first choice. HLG 65 V2 is a good quantum board light for both vegetative and flowering phases of marijuana growth cycle. It is a full spectrum light, although it may not have red and blue bulbs, but it produces these colors in right amount, needed by the plants.

HLG 65 V2 has following salient features:

  • It is designed for vegging, clones, supplement lights or small plants specially.
  • It uses custom designed high efficiency white grow light quantum boards.
  • Easy to install
  • No fan, no issue
  • Full bright light

#3 HLG 100 V2 4000K Quantum Board LED Grow Light

Another powerful and an efficient product of HLG manufacturer is HLG 100 V2 400K. This quantum board led grow is best suitable for indoor growers who want the most powerful and durable grow lights for their indoor small grow room. It is also useful for secret gardening as it runs silently. HLG 100 V2 has following features:

  • It has very high efficiency LED light.
  • It consists of full spectrum of colors for maximum results in plant’s growth.
  • Better light penetration.
  • Due to absence of any fan, no sound is produced.
  • It comes in light weight which makes it easier installation process.

#4 Fissioning Quantum LED Grow Light 120W Full Spectrum 3000K Light

Although HLG was the first one to introduce the quantum board grow lights, which was a great success and it forced other companies to manufacture such quantum board grow lights, Fissioning is one the latest manufacturer who joined the manufacturing of quantum board led grow light market. Although their quantum board grow lights aren’t much popular as compared to that of HLG manufacturer, still these are also quality quantum board grow lights that are available to indoor growers of marijuana.

This quantum board is an amazing unit which comes with full spectrum 3000k and is best for all different phases of growth of different plants, including marijuana.

  • It contains full spectrum lighting
  • Distributes the light evenly
  • Great for both, vegetative and flowering phases of growth cycle
  • It has excellent lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • 3 years limited warranty.

#5 Spider Farmer SF 1000 Quantum Board LED Grow Light

Spider farmer SF 1000 LED quantum board led grow is manufactured by spider farmer. This is an other best quality quantum grow board with a lots of quality features. This quantum board grow light is well constructed, easy to set and produces no noise. It has no heat sinks or fans. Spider farmer has more spectral colors and wavelengths. Unlike other quantum boards spider farmer’s quantum board led grow is a waterproof LED.

Its other important features are:

  • Waterproof LED board
  • Produces no noise
  • Produces sunlight spectrum
  • Increases production by providing higher energy
  • Easy to install and use
  • 3 years local warranty


We have mentioned 5 top best quantum boards according to their modern tech and functionality. Each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, so while buying these always consider these things too. Always buy according to indoor growing needs.

Elev8seeds Review – Is Fake

There are very few customer reviews online, making it hard to verify their quality products and services. On the Elev8 seeds website, there are five various reviews from customers. I read through the reviews; it’s all positive things about how excellent the customer service is and how great their seeds are. Elev8 seeds allow the customers to leave reviews under the strain you have bought. With that being said, you have to go into the shop tab and click on each item, scroll down and read the reviews on each item. Some of the strains don’t have reviews. They have Facebook and Instagram pages, but I couldn’t find any Elev8seeds reviews on them. Just many people were asking questions about the pictures Elev8 seeds posted. On Growdires, there are five other reviews from different customers that have used Elev8 seeds. All these reviews were positive and talking about the process and the strain they got. Some also went into detail about the high the customer contacted.

Is fake?

Elev8 Seeds is safe. It is a legitimate cannabis seed bank. On Scamadviser, scored average on the trust scale as a trustworthy site to buy from. They based the rating on data collected about the site on the Internet, and the country where the website is and if an SSL certificate is used, and reviews found on other websites. They were featured in Dope Magazine for one of their strains back in 2018 by High Times Magazine. Elv8 Seeds’ mission is to provide the best genetics in seed form. Many have labeled their seeds “the top 1%” on the market.

Getting Elev8 in Canada

Yes, Elev8 seeds do ship to Canada. They have a place on their website for just Orders for Canadian customers and one for American customers. Elev8 says they have fast shipping for both Canada and USA orders.

Elev8seeds strains

M2 is a strain that is 100% Sativa. The perfect example of what a Sativa is supposed to feel like. Opportunity for the younger generations to experience what Sativa is. It has no anxiety-inducing effects: M2, a cross of four landrace sativas, and the original Haze mixed. High is clear and powerful. Attributes that make landrace cross so unusual are that none of the anxiety-inducing traits are shared with pure sativas. It will take 14 weeks to flower once planted in soil. This strain does not do well outside.
Cinex is a Sativa variety from Elev8 Seeds and can be cultivated indoors. The plant takes 58 days to flower out. Elev8 Seeds’ Cinex a THC dominant variety and was never available as feminized seeds. Cinex is a forgiving plant to grow. With excellent tolerance to pests and mold and is a consistently good yielder. Because of its bud structure, it is quick and easy to trim. Cinex from Elev8 Seeds is available only as regular seeds.
Sour Diesel seeds are a Sativa strain. This plant takes 9-10 weeks to flower. East Coast Sour Diesel mother backcrossed with East Coast Sour Diesel male is how a sour diesel is made.
Blackberry Dream is an incredibly potent, 60% Sativa hybrid strain resulting from crossing Kimbo Kush with Super Silver Haze. Takes about 63-70 days to flower.
The Runtz strain flowers in 8-9 weeks. Hard to get yet insanely popular strain. These seeds are from an original clone-only Runtz. It is a hybrid, so a mixer between Sativa and Indica.


Two ways to germinate seeds, paper towel method or root cube method. Elev8 prefers the root cube method. Root Cube Method is to Soak the cube in PH’d water (5.5-6.5), Then Put the seed in the hole and push down a half-inch. Check daily to ensure they are not dried out. The temperature should be 70-80 °F. Don’t use nutrients because it will burn the seedlings, and they will be no good. DO NOT use a heat mat. No need to use a dome because domes are only used with rooting clones. Place in a small pot of soil after 2-10 days.
Paper Towel Method, Take two full-sized paper towels, fold them twice and soak them in distilled water for better results. One of the paper towels put on a small plate, then place the seeds on top. The second soaked paper towel is put on top of the seeds. Get a second plate and put it upside down over the seeds to keep the moisture in.
Please place them in a warm location, not under artificial heat. 2-10 days later, a tail will pop out of the seed. These methods are more familiar to uses and the better way to ensure growth from the seed.

Elev8 seed review

Anyone who has bought seeds from Elev8 says they are high quality and easy to grow. Looking for a coupon code to save some money, Elev8 has some deals. On Wetthift, they are 30% off with six different promo codes you can use. Once I looked at the other strains in the USA and Canada, it seems like Elev8 sends the same to each country. Looking through Riddet, I saw many good things said about Elev8.
Along with many pictures of the plants that have grown from the seeds. Many people have said it was easy to develop them and love the results. Elev8 has not added the UK to their shipping or selling area yet. There is another site that does ship and supply seeds to the UK.

Top 3 VIPARSPECTRA 600w LED for Cannabis on Amazon.

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 600W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain,Veg and  Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg  and Flower: Patio, Lawn & Garden

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 600W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower: Patio, Lawn & GardenWhen you’re looking to maximize your cannabis harvest, it’s only prudent enough to go the tech way. Thanks to VIPARSPECTRA, you can get the most out of indoor cannabis growth.

You may wonder which LED you should choose from the many options that online vendors have to offer.

Here is a VIPARSPECTRA review of the three best 600w LEDs for Cannabis on Amazon. Let’s walk through each one of them.


If you’re looking for a grower’s tent that gives full-spectrum lighting in all cannabis growth stages, then you should check out this dimmable 600W LED kit. It is fitted with an adjustable dimmer knob to adjust the tent’s light between 0 (min) to 100% (max), which is necessary for optimum growth performance.

Also, it has a Daisy Chain feature, which helps the farmer to put several lights together while maintaining a few outlets. Each package comes with a power cable that serves both as a power plug and a daisy chain cable. And the good thing about this is you don’t need any extra cables to connect between the multiple units. Only be careful to make sure that the total wattage is not more than 600W.

The VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable 600W LED growers’ tent is made of strong and durable fabric fitted with heavy-duty zip-lines to protect your cannabis herbs as they grow. It also has firm vents and a meshed ducting window to prevent dust and pests from invading your crop. The tent’s framework is made of poles and metallic connectors that are easy to mount.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control TC600 600W LED Growers tent

This hydroponic grow tent uses the timer-controlled TC600 light that is ergonomically tailored to maintain a balance between the PAR output and your cannabis coverage.

The automatic timer control system helps you to manipulate the light hours during the entire cannabis growth stages. You can use the dimmable function to change the brightness mode from VEG to BLOOM alternatingly.

The kit is similar to the traditional 400W HPS/MH kit but beats it in consumption as it only uses 260W. It’s the best option for the 3×3′ vegetative coverage when your plant is about 28′ tall and for the the2.5×2.5′ flowering stage at 20″.

The VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control TC600 grow tent has a firm double-stitched fabric and strong zippers to keep your cannabis throughout the growing period. The framework is firm and made of metallic connectors and poles that are easy to join.


Light from this VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W 12-Band LED is made to balance the lumen output and plant coverage. Using this device guarantees success thanks to the full spectrum lighting that gives your cannabis plants VEG and flowering at all growth stages. It is a perfect alternative to natural sunlight.

The LED lighting consumes 274W only! It is a perfect option for a 3×3′ vegetative cannabis coverage at height 34″ and 2.5×2.5″ flowering coverage at height 26″.

It is fitted with fans on the front and aluminum cooler sinks to help dissipate heat easily. Each purchase comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-days cash back guarantee.

Wrap up

When you’re an indoors cannabis farmer, there’s no better way to leverage maximum output than using VIPARSPECTRA 600W lighting kits. Be sure to try out any of these kits, and you’re bound for bumper yields.

BC Seed Bank Canada Review ( The best and powerful strains of cannabis

You are looking forward to consuming some good canadian seed bank to give you a feeling of exhilaration and thrill. You want to get an idea about different strains of marijuana which will be able to fulfil your needs. You can look for marijuana with varying strength and flavours in BC Seed Bank Canada. The company is known to provide some of the best and powerful strains of cannabis having high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level. It provides stealth delivery and can ship anywhere across the world. This article will give you a wholesome BC Seed Bank Canada review.


BC Seed Bank has been pioneering the development of various strains of marijuana even before the advent of social media and e-commerce sites. It is one of the most sought-after organizations among various Canadian seed banks. The seed bank was started by Mr BC Seeds who has an experience of breeding marijuana since 1974. Thanks to this revolutionary cannabis breeder, North America saw one of its 1st seedbanks on its shores.

BC Seed Bank Canada had risen to fame when it introduced to the world the trongest Strains on Earth’ in the year 2008. Some of the portent seeds that put the company on the global map are Oracle, Infinity Bud, Multiverse God bud, to name a few. They are popular for being the most powerful strains cultivated by the organization.

BC Seed Bank operates from Vancouver, British Columbia and facilitates a lot of research work into discovering new and portent strains of cannabis. Mr BC Seeds has been offering his knowledge of genetically modified cannabis to the public since the year 1998.


BC Seed Bank offers wide-ranging strains of marijuana that project high tetrahydrocannabinol levels. Though BC Seed Bank does not offer a lot of discounts or do any extensive promotions, the company provides complementary cannabis seeds with different orders. If you fulfil certain order criteria, you stand a chance to receive complimentary marijuana seeds that are no older than 3 months.

Shipping and delivery segment of BC Seed Bank deserves high marks and good reviews. You need to register on the company website with your email address and place your order. You can go for registered shipping which will cost you around $14.50 or you have the option of free shipping. In the case of registered shipping, you will be given proof of order and delivery through receipt copies and signed copies at the time of delivery. You can choose to pay from a wide variety of banking methods like MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Visa, cryptocurrencies, to name a few.



This is one of the strongest strains from the house of BC Seed Bank Canada which has a very high THC level. It takes around 39 days to bloom and tastes like sweet coffee.


This variant is a big-time stress buster which is popularly purchased to prepare hash. It gives off an earthly odor and relaxes your nerves.


Cupid bud, as the name suggests, will help you bring out your A-game so that you can charm your way through the crowd. Its THC level is decent and it has a sweet and sour citrusy taste.


This variant is one of the premium qualities from the house of BC Seed Bank which comes with a very high percentage of THC level. It will induce a taste of sweet raspberries and will soothe your nerves to give you a relaxed frame of mind.


This strain will give you a happy and warm feeling that can be great for parties or hang-outs with friends. It has a high THC level and tastes like sour citrusy champagne.

BC Seed Bank Canada has a plethora of marijuana variants which you can use for any occasion. You can go visit the official website and know more about its various flavours and offerings.