Welcome to Crazy Horse Gourmet Garlic Farm, located in Northwest Ohio, family owned and operated
Organically grown and tended by hand, I strive to produce top quality garlic for your garden or tableand hope you’ll find something in the selections that are offered.Call or email and I will assist you with varieties for your growing conditions

I look forward to doing business with you.




Still have some Chinese Purple – Turban

Donestia Red – Creole

and couple others.  Email for details

Garlic Braids still available.  Call or email to order


                Why buy garlic from Crazy Horse Garlic Farm?

  •    Each order is weighed and is always on the “Plus” side to compensate for waste of wrappers, coverings and stalks
  •    All bulbs are cleaned.  At harvest time, the root ends are washed with water to remove as much soil as possible.  After all, you’re not buying dirt.
  •    No additional fees for using Paypal
  •    Shipping costs are based on weight and not the dollar amount of order