Truckload of bulbs ready for the barn
 Garlic Varieties

1/4 lb

1/2 lb

1 lb

Quantity Limit

Rosewood – food grade only

Zemo – food grade only

Chinese Purple




2 lbs
Marbled Purple Stripe
Pskem – food grade only

Glazed Purple Stripe
Vekak – food grade only
Soft Neck
Lorz Italian $7.00 $11.00 $16.00 1 lb
Mild French
Kettle River Giant $7.00  $11.00 $16.00 1 lb
Beekeeper’s Sicilian
Ail de Pays Parne
Aglio Rosso di Sulmona – food grade
Burgundy – food grade only
Creole Red – food grade only
Donestia Red $8.50  $12.00 1/2 lb

Lost Label Bulbs

Few labels will fall off as they dry or some stray bulbs didn’t get bundled.  These are not seconds, they are simply not identified.  Rather than try to guess the variety, I’m offering them at a discounted price.  Limited availability.  $10/lb

Food Grade Garlic

Bulbs range from medium/small for people who like these for eating but they can be planted too
Mixture of named varieties at a cheaper price.  $8/lb
Just Cloves
These are cloves from good bulbs that have split open from harvesting, cleaning or such.  Many are very large, plump and solid with wrappers intact.  These are great for eathing or even planting if you like.  Mixture of varieties.  $10/lb


Crazy Horse Gourmet Garlic Farm
Garlic Braids
Garlic braids are made using softneck garlic bulbs grown here on the farm.  These braids make a nice decorative touch to the gourmet kitchen.  Hang out of direct sunlight and away from any heat.  When ready to use, simply snip off a bulb.  Advance orders only for shipping in September.
Large braid with 18 bulbs – $30
Small braid with 12 bulbs – $20
Small braid with 15 small bulbs – $15
Spring Garlic (aka Green Garlic)
Prized by gourmet chefs, spring garlic is becoming more popular.  It looks like a green onion and can be used in any recipe where a nice subtle garlic flavor is desired.  Try it as a topping for baked potatoes, saute and add to an alfredo sauce, or in a pesto. Available May to June. Check out the recipes and experiment a little! – SOLD OUT