Where Can I Get Cheap Marijuana Seeds Free Shipping?

Any grower wants to buy cheap marijuana seeds free shipping at online seed banks. Currently on the market there are hundreds of different seed banks and they also offer heterogeneous prices and services.

So, there will be online seed banks that offer high-priced seeds, but there are also seed banks that sell cheap cannabis seeds and even free shipping. But to choose a seed bank that both provides cheap cannabis seeds, offers shipping, and is reputable is not easy.

We will introduce you to some reputable seed banks that  accept paypal and cannabis seeds at cheap prices. These banks will also offer many preferential shipping fees to their customers.

Top 5 Cheap Marijuana Seeds Free Shipping

#1 Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a US-based cannabis seed company. The company has a growing list of cannabis genetics that they design in their own lab. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers cannabis strains suitable for growers of all levels and preferences.

Homegrown Cannabis Co specializes in providing good quality seeds with a high germination rate. Homegrown Cannabis Co has joined GYO Seedbank and The Single Seed Centre. They divide their cannabis seeds into many categories, including a category about cheap weed seeds.

Out of 500 different strains to choose from, there are a variety of auto-slowing and feminizing cannabis seeds. Homegrown Cannabis’ inexpensive weed seeds are a great way to discover new strains of cannabis and expand the experience. Especially, with the buy 1 get 1 free offer, growers can completely save more when buying two packages for the price of one package.

#2 Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds not only sell the best quality, genetically stable cannabis seeds sourced from leading banks and breeders worldwide, but they also supply rare cannabis seeds from banks others such as Beaver, Sunwest, and Crop King Seeds.

Rocket Seeds has a good reputation in association with many other brands and breeders. They select and deliver only top quality cannabis seeds to their customers. In particular, growers with a limited budget can find a variety of cannabis seeds at this seed bank.

You can compare prices with indoor or outdoor seeds, regular seeds, auto flower seeds, feminized seeds and fast flowering seeds. Rocket Seeds also offers a number of other free seed and free shipping related offers to customers.

#3 Beaver Seeds

Beaver Seeds is a seed bank based in Canada, and they accept to ship their cheap marijuana seeds to anywhere in the world. This seed bank has been in the industry for over a decade, and they have legal experience in selling cheap cannabis seeds. So growers can rest assured to use their money for them.

Beaver Seeds offers top quality cannabis strains. Growers can easily find popular cannabis strains like Gorilla Glue, Trainwreck, Pineapple Express and Grand Daddy Purple, and many more impressive seeds.

The cannabis seeds will be shipped within the day with stealth tracking and tracking. Growers who purchase seeds directly on their website will also receive benefits like free shipping and faster-than-average shipping.

#4 SunWest Genetics

SunWest Genetics is a breeder, seed bank known for its low-priced cannabis strains, which come at a great price point for those on a tight budget. This seed bank offers over 500 cannabis strains to choose from, including high THC, high CBD, regular, auto-flowering, and feminized options.

These cheap high quality cannabis seeds are handpicked and suitable for growers of all levels. SunWest Genetics assures customers that all of their seeds are tested and tested for quality and viability. So there are very few complaints related to the germination rate, seed quality of SunWest.

While not the company with the longest history in the industry, offering the best genetics at a low price is well worth the popularity SunWest Genetics has. They will also free shipping and support customers with their service, if the order is satisfactory.

#5 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

I Love Growing Marijuana is the best option in terms of overall cannabis seed price. This seed bank has recently become one of the top choices for any grower, whether a beginner or a seasoned grower.

I Love Growing Marijuana offers cheap auto flowering cannabis seeds, as well as good daily deals. They are highly appreciated by customers for their services and incentives. Especially “Buy 10 Get 10”, an offer that happens almost every day, which makes growers searching for large quantities of cannabis seeds hugely beneficial.

This online seed bank has a diverse collection of cannabis strains, clearly sourced from top breeders. Growers can also get seed mix packages and complete growing sets that include fertilizers and protectants.

In particular, customers can completely get free shipping. With satisfactory orders, ILGM will provide some other incentives.