Banana Hammock Strain Effects & Review – Sweet Rare Cannabis Strain with an Extensive Terpenes Profile

Banana Hammock is a rare Indica dominant cannabis strain that is highly appreciated by smokers and growers alike. If you are looking for a cannabis strain that has a sweet taste accompanied by a delightfully relaxing effect then this strain is not to be missed.

Little is known about Banana Hammock strain Ethos Genetics, so we’ve taken the time to put together this cannabis strain information for those just starting out. Information about Banana Hammock strain THC, flowering time, yield and more will be included in the article below.


Banana Hammock Strain


Grape God and Mandarin Sunset


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxation, Calm


Exotic fruit, rich honey, and fresh earth


Sweet, fruity, and earthy


Couch-locked, Drowsiness, Dry eyes, Cottonmouth


8-9 weeks


It will be ready to harvest in mid-October






1.96-2.62 oz/ft2


20 oz/plant

Source: ILGM, Others Review

Banana Hammock Origins

Banana Hammock is an Indica dominant cannabis strain and it is a rare hybrid cannabis strain. If you search for information about Banana Hammock strain allbud, the information about its parent strain is available but not much. Banana Hammock is a cross between Grape God and Mandarin Sunset.

Banana Hammock strain seeds were bred by Ethos Genetics in Colorado and this cannabis strain really impresses experienced users. Reviews of Banana Hammock strain reddit are mostly positive and at a high level. It is one of those rare strains that can satisfy both smokers and growers.

Banana Hammock Effects

Banana Hammock strain effects are very fun and it is really suitable for relaxing activities on a lazy afternoon. With a THC content greater than 20%, this cannabis strain can be quite high and strong for beginners, but it really brings excitement to experienced users.

Initially, you will feel a hit in the mind as soon as you taste the sweetness of Banana Hammock. But then there will be a feeling of calm spreading throughout your body, you will feel both physically and mentally relaxed. In a nutshell, Banana Hammock’s effect is very quick and light, it won’t lock you into a couch or create a strong control.

You will also likely feel hungry, sleepy, euphoric, and possibly also tingling. Although the relaxing effect is quite mild, its initial hit is quite strong for beginner users. So Banana Hammock will be more suitable for more experienced users.

Banana Hammock Fragrance & Flavors

You will be blown away by the sweet and pleasant taste of Banana Hammock. This fragrance contains citrus notes, fresh lemon creates a pure accent to your experience. It is this pleasant fragrance that emphasizes the relaxing and sedative effects of Banana Hammock.

For the discerning, they can recognize the grape and honey flavors hidden in the flavor of Banana Hammock. It is like a sweet, refreshing tropical fruit candy that anyone needs when tired and stressed. This cannabis strain does not have a burning, overpowering or strong taste.

Banana Hammock Medical

As mentioned, Banana Hammock has a profoundly relaxing effect on both the body and mind, so it has obvious medical and recreational value. Banana Hammock brings both mental and physical changes to the user, as long as it is not overused and overdosed.

Banana Hammock has 0.1% CBD content, which works to relieve symptoms including insomnia, fatigue, stress, mood swings. Whenever your mood is down, tired and not in the mood to do anything, Banana Hammock will be a magic candy that can improve all of them.

Banana Hammock strain terpenes profile are very extensive, this cannabis strain can make a difference in your health and life more than you think. For patients with anorexia, insomnia, depression, mental disorders, the help of Banana Hammock is remarkable.

In addition, Banana Hammock has a soothing effect and can treat some symptoms. The aches and pains, muscle spasms will be treated and soothed quickly. Relaxation will spread throughout the body and it is like a healing and pleasant medicine. And once both physically and mentally are relaxed, you will have a good night’s sleep.

Side effects of Banana Hammock are not serious. Common side effects of Banana Hammock are dry eyes and dry mouth. This can be completely overcome if you drink a lot of water.

Banana Hammock Growing

The good news for growers interested in growing Banana Hammock is that this rare cannabis strain is not too difficult to care for. Banana Hammock strain yield is also remarkable and it can give good returns to growers of all levels.

Growers can grow Banana Hammock seeds both indoors and outdoors. Banana Hammock strain flowering time falls around 60 days and during that time, growers don’t have to take too much care and don’t need to invest too much budget to bring profit from their crop.

Banana Hammock seeds can grow into medium-sized and leafy plants. This cannabis strain can be adapted to different cultivation methods, and overall it has quite a strong vitality and is a cannabis strain that is not too difficult to grow.

If growers want to maximize the potential yield of Banana Hammock, the SOG technique should be used. This technique will increase the number of shoots and thus the yield will also increase. The buds are usually medium in size, but will also appear giant buds. The thick layer of trichomes on the shoots creates favorable conditions for growers to extract the resin. These purple shoots are so pretty and they are sure to stand out in your garden.

Banana Hammock’s resistance to pests and diseases is average, but its size allows you to easily observe and care for the plant. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, growers should also plant stakes to keep the plant upright, this will help the plant produce more buds.

If growing Banana Hammock seeds indoors, growers can get a yield of 600-800g/m2. Outdoor yield will fall around 800g/plant.

Where Can I Buy Banana Hammock Seeds?

Banana Hammock is a rare cannabis strain so it will not be too easy for you to buy seeds of this strain. However, don’t worry, we have prepared a few reputable online seed banks that can provide the best quality Banana Hammock seeds.

There are also many online seed banks out there, but not all of them are reputable enough to guarantee your transaction. Here are some reputable online seed banks that you should consider if you want to buy Banana Hammock seeds.

North Atlantic Seed Co. – Banana Hammock RBX1 (F)

Seeds Here Now – Banana Hammock RBX1 {FEM} [10pk]

207 Genetics – Banana Hammock R1 Fem Novelty Seeds- Ethos